Healthy Ways Physical Education 12

Book Descriptions

The objective of this book is to describe the everyday physical activities, habits of students and analyze the practice of physical activities and its determinants, based on the experiences gained by its author. In our book we have tried to motivate students to reach optimal functional status in work, home and recreational activities. Through our book we have developed a treatment program unique for each individual that includes education, instruction and patient participation. The book evaluates an individual's ability to function. Physical Education creates the arena for career exibility which is also described in the book. This book describes that physical education makes people enjoy a choice of work environments—from home to school, from classroom to play ground and from local ground to national stadium.

Book Details

  • Book Name :Healthy Ways Physical Education 12
  • ISBN :978-81-89167-58-5
  • Author : Onkar Nath Chaturdevi